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Sponsor a Catmandu Kitty

Because Catmandu is a sanctuary as well as an adoption center, many of our residents are here for years or for their whole life. 

They are cats who are either shy with strangers and slow to warm up to people they don't know or who are completely untouchable. Consequently, although many are super-sweet once they get to know you,  they are seldom adopted and many will call Catmandu home for life.

Whether they are friendly or not, we love them equally and give them the same quality of food, shelter and care as our highly adoptable and friendly cats.

On average, it costs about $25 per month per cat for their dry food, wet food, Kitty litter, and vitamin/mineral/probiotic supplements. 

Can you find it in your heart and wallet to sponsor one of these less adoptable babies for $25 a month and help us continue to give them a wonderful cage-free home? 

We, and they, would be ever so grateful! MEOW (means Thank You!)


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