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About Us

Although we usually have many highly adoptable cats, we are also a sanctuary. Many of our cats are either older (8 and up) or shy with people they do not know. While many are wonderful cats that can become fabulous companions and housecats, they require more time and patient work to gain their trust and help them adjust to a new environment.


We use homeopathy for much of our basic health care, but also use a vet when necessary. Dr. Sean Peck of All Creatures Mobile Vet does a fabulous job when one of our kitties needs testing, surgery or regular vet care. All Creatures supports Catmandu through discounted services; please support them with your business if you need a vet. 

Our motto at Catmandu is "You Do What You Can Do."

   We can't help every cat or resolve every situation. Our solutions are not always perfect. We are consistently under-staffed and under-funded. But You Do What You Can Do.

   Most of the cats and kittens we get come from "disadvantaged" backgrounds. They are strays, feral-born babies, "free" cats that someone decides they no longer want  or are allergic to. They haven't had shots, they've got kitty colds, etc.  We can't save every cat that comes thru our doors, but You Do What You Can Do.

   Donations and volunteers from the community are what keep us going, along with the help of an amazing staff. Thanks to all of them, we have been able to help more than 2000 cats and kittens find a better life as of January 1, 2021.  If you can donate time or money, please do what you can do. We welcome your help.

   We are learning as we go. None of us had a background in rescue work when we started Catmandu. We were, and are, just regular people who are trying to do something goood to help the kitties in our community. The need is huge and the resources are few. Sometimes it really feels like a losing battle, but You Do What you can do.

   Donations from people in the community pay the bills and keep us going. Whether it's $5 or $500,every little bit helps and it all adds up to giving these cats a chance at a better life. Please, do what you can do. 

   We can't help every cat that comes our way. We have constraints due to lack of time, people, and money. 

   We are not perfect, but you do what you can do. 

Catmandu was established by Linda Buchanan in early 2014. Here is her story:

   "My life had been turned upside down by the death of my beloved husband, Kurt, from bladder cancer on April 19, 2012. All my hopes and dreams for the future died along with him. My plan was to live as quietly as possible, passing the time until I got to die and join him. While trying to find help for Carson, a  stray cat in dire circumstances, I learned there were virtually no resources for cats in Carson City.    An outdated, undersized animal shelter and a couple of organizations in the area utilizing foster homes were nowhere near enough to meet the needs of our local cats. The cats needed help. A lot of help. And they needed it NOW! 

   "Somebody should do something" I said... and then realized "I am somebody!" 

Instead of waiting for government or "professionals" to hopefully do something someday; I decided to do what I could RIGHT NOW to help fill the urgent need for housing, adoptions, and resources. By cashing out Kurt's pension and selling almost everything I owned, I came up with $20,000 to fund the start-up costs. ​

   I found the perfect facility at 1829 Brown Street - a 3,900-square-foot facility on a half-acre of property with lots of space, rooms, and windows. It was a wreck when I rented it. With help from a few dedicated volunteers (Cliff Stehlin first and foremost); donations of cash and materials; lots of creativity and ingenuity in recycling, repurposing, and reusing; scavenging at thrift stores and yard sales;  and a make-do, can/do attitude, Catmandu was born.

   We have continued to make improvements from the day we opened the doors, and we're not done yet. Catmandu is a warm and welcoming place for cats needing help and a safe place to wait for their furever home. "

At Catmandu  there are no cages.

   The  adult cat areas have large cabins where new cats get used to the place from the safety and comfort of their own secure space. When they're ready, they move out into general population, where they can interact with everyone and enjoy all the amenities of Catmandu. This is much less stressful and traumatic for the cats than a traditional shelter. Our home-like environment makes it easier for cats to transition from the shelter into your home, as well as making for a more relaxed, personable cat during the meeting process. 

   Most of our cats come from "disadvantaged" backgrounds. Many are strays who were abandoned and have been living on the streets; cats whose people have lost their homes and jobs; cats whose people have died, gotten sick, gone to jail or are no longer able to care for them. Many are sweet as can be and ready for new homes immediately. Others need lots of time and attention to gradually gain (or regain) their trust in people. Patient, caring volunteers work with them until they are happy. loving cats ready to go to their forever homes. ​

   Drop by sometime when you're in the neighborhood; we'd be happy to give you a tour and show you what we are all about.

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