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About Us

Momcat & Friend

Catmandu is a very special cage-free facility, designed to provide the best possible environment for the 80 or so cats in our care.  It truly is a kitty paradise. 

Catmandu is basically divided into 2 sections, the sanctuary and the adoption center.

SANCTUARY -The sanctuary cats have a huge area that includes a giant covered catio, barn and fenced back yard. It is filled with cat trees, wall drawers, shelves, beds, and lots of climbing opportunities. The cats are free to go where they want. The majority of sanctuary cats are either older (8 and up), have health issues, are shy with people they do not know, or have special requirements for their furever home. While many of our sanctuary residents are wonderful cats that can become fabulous companions and housecats, they require more time and patient work to gain their trust and help them adjust to a new environment. Consequently, they are seldom adopted and will be at Catmandu for years or life. That's okay. We love and care for them just the same, no matter what their degree of friendliness or sociability. We are at maximum capacity in the sanctuary and not accepting any un-adoptable cats at this time.

ADOPTABLE CATS - are short-timers and usually find a new home within a couple of months. We usually have several truly wonderful cats that would adjust quickly to a new home and make a great companion for you. We work very hard to match cats and people so that adoptions are "furever." We hope you will consider Catmandu when you are looking to add a new feline friend to your home. Information on Adopting from Catmandu.

Since we are adoption driven, this creates an opening for another homeless cat who desperately needs to come into Catmandu. You are saving 2 lives.

We use homeopathy for much of our basic health care, but also use a vet when necessary. Dr. Sean Peck of All Creatures Mobile Vet does a fabulous job when one of our kitties needs testing, surgery or regular vet care. All Creatures supports Catmandu through discounted services; please support them with your business if you need a vet. 

Catmandu was established by Linda Buchanan in early 2014. Here is her story:

   "My life had been turned upside down by the death of my beloved husband, Kurt, from bladder cancer on April 19, 2012. All my hopes and dreams for the future died along with him. My plan was to live as quietly as possible, passing the time until I got to die and join him. While trying to find help for Carson, a  stray cat in dire circumstances, I learned there were virtually no resources for cats in Carson City.    An outdated, undersized animal shelter and a couple of organizations in the area utilizing foster homes were nowhere near enough to meet the needs of our local cats. The cats needed help. A lot of help. And they needed it NOW! 

   "Somebody should do something" I said... and then realized "I am somebody!" 

Instead of waiting for government or "professionals" to hopefully do something someday; I decided to do what I could RIGHT NOW to help fill the urgent need for housing, adoptions, and resources. By cashing out Kurt's pension and selling almost everything I owned, I came up with $20,000 to fund the start-up costs. ​

   I found the perfect facility at 1829 Brown Street - a 3,900-square-foot facility on a half-acre of property with lots of space, rooms, and windows. It was a wreck when I rented it. With help from a few dedicated volunteers; donations of cash and materials; lots of creativity and ingenuity in recycling, repurposing, and reusing; scavenging at thrift stores and yard sales;  and a make-do, can/do attitude, Catmandu was born.

 Over the years, we learned, changed and constantly improved. However, in 2023 the age of the building, decades of deferred maintenance, and the hard wear and tear from 2700 or so cats over the years finally reached a crisis point. The roof was leaking, the floors were disintegrating, the paint had been scrubbed off the walls, and lots of other repairs were needed. With the help of a few generous donors and a number of absolutely amazing volunteers, we closed for 3 months to give the inside of the building a thorough makeover and get a new roof.

   While a lot has changed over the years, one thing stays the same - our dedication to helping homeless and at-risk cats have a better life and to providing a warm and welcoming place for cats needing help and a safe place to wait for their furever home. "

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