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My name is Chester. I was found in the parking lot of Catmandu in October 2020. I was lost, or more likely abandoned. I was a senior cat when I found my way to the rescue and I was a tom cat, a big, bad and mean tom cat. Life on the streets is tough, and I was an intact male. My life was devoted to finding female cats in heat. And I wasn't alone in my quest, so I was noisy and had to be tough when I was competing with other males.

After I was vaccinated and neutered at Catmandu, it took awhile before I could shed the attitude from my previous life, so I was still tough and still looking for a fight with anyone and everyone.

And then I embraced my new life. I had a warm bed every night, I had food every day, I wasn't driven to find females, and I didn't have to fight with everyone. And I was loved. Volunteers would come visit with me, give me brushes and speak kind words to me. Wow! Life was good. 

Now I'm a big, fluffy goof of a guy. You might find me with my best bud, Dot. When you come into the Catmandu office, you might find us curled up together in a cat bed on the desk. Well, you may see me. Dot, the little lady that she is, will be snuggled against me and almost hidden from sight by my big legs holding her close.

I'm a nice boy now, my roaming days are over. I would like to find my own forever home, and I am available through the Senior for Seniors foster program.

Until I find my forever home, would you please foster me? Your donation will help keep me fed, sheltered and in good health. Meow means thank you.

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