My name is Varys and I came to Catmandu with my twin brother Valor in July 2018. We were about 3 to 4 months old and wild as wild can be. We had been trapped in Reno where we were living in an abandoned house that was going to be demolished. The kind humans at Catmandu have been working with us ever since to get us to trust people enough to be adoptable.


While I am now at the point where I will let people I know and trust pet me, but there's no way I will let a stranger get anywhere near me. Consequently, the odds of me ever getting adopted are somewhere between slim and none. I will probably be a "lifer" here at the 'Du.


That's okay by me. I am purrfectly happy lounging in the sun on the covered catio, napping in a comfy bed in GenPop, and letting my preferred humans give me love.


I hope you can find it in your heart to sponsor me so that I can continue living a good life where I am safe, warm, well-fed, happy, and loved.


Meow! (means Thank You!)



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