Tori has a sponsor! Thank you so very much Pollie Seaford for seeing the total beauty this sweet girl is! 


My name is Tori and I am a very beautiful girl. However, you must admire me from a distance because I still won't let anyone touch me. I'm hoping to find a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama that will help support me in the style to which I have become accustomed. 


I came to Catmandu in September of 2016 as a 4-month-old feral kitten. Although they knew I was probably too old to domesticate, the kind people at the 'Du took me in anyway because I had nowhere else to go. They tried, God knows they tried, to get me to like and trust people but I would have none of it for a very long time.


Five years later, I have made a lot of progress. I'll let a few volunteers and staffers pet and love on me- especially if they have treats. (I LOVE Temptations treats!) I'm still pretty skitty around people I don't know really well and timid when there's other cats around, but I am well on the road to possibly being adoptable by someone that is willing to be very patient and takes things super slow with me.


Until that person shows up, if they ever do, I am happy to spend my days lounging in the sun on the catio, napping in a bed in one of the cabins, and getting love from the chosen few. I hope you will consider sponsoring me so I can continue living in my safe and happy world at Catmandu.

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