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Peggy Lanman loves BC and thank you for sponsoring him!

Thank you Alli and Marty, for sponsoring me!

Nobody knows my early history other than me. I just showed up one day at Catmandu in December 2016 and wandered into a trap that was set for another stray kitty. I've been living here ever since. I was adopted by a lady in 2018, but she brought me back after 6 months because I never really warmed up to her and spent my time hiding. It took me a long time after I came back to start trusting people again and I am still pretty darn skitty with people I don't know. However, little by slowly I am warming up and maybe someday will want to try living in a home again. Or not. Either way, it's okay. I am safe, warm, fed and loved at Catmandu and enjoy my cage-free life and my feline friends. My favorite place in the summer time is outside in the catio, lounging in the sun. Thank you for loving and supporting me just the way I am and letting me be free to be me.

BC (Beautiful Cat) Sponsor

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