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Yo! I'm Sugarfoot; the handsome guy with the crumpled ear. I'm a complex kind of guy, some might call me moody, but I'm really a sweetie at heart. 

I came to Catmandu as an itty-bitty kitten in 2017 and went into foster care. Unfortunately, my foster did not do a good job of socializing me and my brother Sweet Pete. When I returned to the 'Du for adoption, I was NOT a nice kitten. I would bite, claw, scratch, and run from anyone that came near me. Needless to say, I didn't get adopted and have been here ever since.


One of the volunteers, Kathi P., made it her mission to make me touchable. It took her a couple of years and more bites and scratches than you can even imagine, but she finally succeeded. I LOVE Kathi and will accept pets from people that aren't Kathi, if I am in the right mood. I will still occasionally bite or scratch for no good reason other than I feel like it, so no one has wanted to take me home yet. I'm also tightly bonded with my buddy Buffy, so that makes it doubly hard for us to find a home.


Despite being a little moody, I'm a very intelligent cat. I am one of the very few that likes to run on the exercise wheel; I'm really good at finding weaknesses in the perimeter of the fenced back yard and  periodically escape (though I never leave the property and always come back in), and I stay very aware of what is going on around the place. I like belly rubs and treats from select individuals. My ear got crumpled when I developed an aural hematoma that blew my ear up to 5 times it's normal size in a matter of days. That damaged the delicate cartilage of my ear, so when Dr Sean drained it the ear crumpled rather than standing up straight. The folks at the 'Du say it gives me character and I have to agree.


While I hope to someday get a home of my own with my buddy Buffy, the odds are unfortunately against it. I will likely continue to call Catmandu home for years to come. I would really appreciate your support so I can continue to be safe, fed, warm and loved while I wait for the purrfect person who is looking for an imperfect cat. Meow!

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