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Thank you Alli and Marty, for sponsoring me!

I'm a beautiful golden girl named Taffy. It was a long road that finally brought me to Catmandu in February of 2017. Originally a WARF (Wiley Animal Rescue) cat, I was adopted as a kitten then returned when my dog friend died and I started acting out. WARF had closed their halfway house for cats like me and so I came to the 'Du instead.


I was really sad and angry for a very long time, but eventually the people here won me over and I became comfortable and content.  I was adopted again in January 2021, but I had a very hard time adjusting to my new home and was returned in April. I'm happy here and have cat and people friends I really care about. Maybe someday I'll be willing to try another home, but until then I am thankful to be safe, warm, fed and loved at the 'Du. I hope you will consider sponsoring me so I can continue living a good life right where I am.

Taffy Sponsor

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