Catmandu currently has more than 100 residents on site. We are not accepting any cats or kittens at this time. 

We have many wonderful cats needing forever homes and would love to introduce you to your new best friend.

Every cat that you adopt makes room for another cat needing shelter and security.

We have many wonderful adult and senior cats hoping for homes. 

If you have room in your heart and your home for one of them, please come and see us!

About Catmandu

Catmandu takes a different approach to caring for homeless cats. Instead of shutting them in individual steel cages, we provide them with a catified cage-free group-home environment that better suits their physical, mental and emotional needs.

Catmandu is community supported. We receive no government funding; relying on donations, the Friends of Catmandu and community support to keep the doors open. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; donations are tax deductible.

Getting Old is not for

the faint of heart!


This is true for cats as well as people.

 For cats 10+ who become homeless, the outlook is bleak. Many shelters and rescue organizations won’t take them. Those that do get accepted often do not do well in a cage in a shelter.


They are much less likely to be adopted and much harder to rehome via networking or the web. Many have spent their whole lives with one person or family and they grieve when they lose their home.  

Catmandu wants to help them adjust to their changed life, find a new home and enjoy whatever years they have left in a supportive environment with love and companionship.

Until then, they will be cared for in our cat-centric cage-free sanctuary.

Starting Soon!

Senior 2 Senior

Long-term Foster Program


   The  Senior 2 Senior program will place senior cats with senior citizens in a long-term foster situation.

  Having a furry friend is incredibly good for a senior – especially one who lives alone It helps them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  But many seniors don’t adopt.  There are many good reasons why. They fear what would happen to their friend if they should get really sick or die. They worry about being able to afford vet care. It would be hard to  transport heavy food and cat litter. They don’t have the money to pay for food and litter every month.

  Senior 2 Senior (S2S) removes the barriers and brings these two groups together for their mutual benefit. 

  Since the cat remains the property of Catmandu, if something should happen to the person the cat would return to us. Through a combination of nutrition, homeopathy and vet care, we provide for the medical needs of the cat. If needed, we can deliver food and litter to the foster. For those on a small fixed income, donations and sponsorships will cover the cost of their cat supplies.

Everybody Wins!

  Think it sounds like a great program? Please donate to help get it up and running. 

Ways To Help Catmandu
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  • Volunteer
  • Foster
  • Adopt

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