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Catmandu is celebrating 10 years of helping cats and kittens! More than 2700 have passed through our doors and into a better life. Thousands more have been helped by TNR efforts, outreach programs, education and information. 

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The 10 year celebration  was a huge success!

The house was packed. We had tons of fabulous raffle and silent auction prizes generously donated by local businesses and individuals. 

Everyone had a great time.

Thank you so much to everyone that attended, donated prizes, and all the volunteers who worked to make the event happen.

The Catmandu family is the absolute best!

Here is a link to the video slideshow we put together on the story of Catmandu, if you would like to watch it.

Meow! means Thank You!

Our Sponsors


Did you adopt a Catmandu kitten or cat sometime over the last 10 years?

Click here to see the updates on the people and cats that participated.


Found kittens outside?

Click here immediately!

Catmandu does not accept or adopt small kittens under 6 months old. 

Our cats are limited to teenagers, adults and seniors.  

Please see this list for information on rescues and shelters that accept and may have adoptable kittens. 


One of our absolute top priorities at Catmandu is finding good forever homes for adoptable cats. We are not driven by numbers, but by the desire to make sure the cat and adopter are a great match. We want happy, life-long homes for our cats. 

To better serve the cats and potential adopters, we are expanding the days and times available for adopters to meet the cats. However, because we have very limited staff and want to give each potential adopter our complete attention in order to make the purrfect match, we are changing our adoption process and strongly requesting that you make an appointment to meet the kitties.

Appointments to meet and potentially adopt one or more of our fabulous cats are available Tuesday through Sunday.

Walk-ins must also complete a pre-adoptiion application and will be taken on a space available basis only.

The New Adoption Process:

1.  Complete a pre-adoption application prior to meeting the cats.

2.  Schedule an appointment via the booking calendar

3.  We will review the application, approve or deny it, confirm that we have cats who might be a good possible match if the application is approved, then contact you prior to your appointment.

Please note that Sanctuary cats are not shown on Petfinder as they tend to be skittish of strangers and adapt much more slowly to new places and situations. If you are very patient & cat savvy and are interested in knowing more about the Sanctuary cats, please send us an email request. 


A 501c3 non-profit organization, Catmandu receive no government funding or funding from outside organizations. We rely on donations to keep the doors open and continue our lifesaving work. If you can help, please make a donation today.

Physical donations of food, litter, cat trees, etc are accepted at Catmandu 7 days a week from 11 am until 2 pm Monday and Tuesday, 11 am to 5 pm Wednesday through Sunday.

Thank you! Anything you can do to help is much appreciated. 

**Please note the legal name of our organization is Carson City C.A.R.E.S. Inc. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.**

Senior 2 Senior Long-term Foster Program

Senior cats are traditionally much harder to place in a new home due to a potentially shorter life span and possible vet bills. Senior citizens who would benefit from the companionship of a cat often do not adopt in fear the cat will outlive them or they will no longer be able to care for it. In addition, many are on fixed incomes and not able to afford vet care if their cat develops health issues.

The  Senior 2 Senior program solves these 2 problems by placing senior cats (age 10+) with senior citizens (age 55+) in a long-term foster situation. The cat remains with the person for the rest of their life. However, if something should happen to the person the cat returns to us. We also help with medical care through a combination of nutrition, homeopathy and vet care through All Creatures Mobile Veterinary Hospital when needed.  Everybody Wins! There are currently 39 senior cats/people participating in this wonderful program. 

For more information, please send us an email.  

The Sanctuary

A large portion of Catmandu is dedicated to the sanctuary cats, most of whom will be here for many years or for life. The majority are either older (8 and up), have health issues, are shy with people they do not know, or have special requirements for their furever home. While many of our sanctuary residents are wonderful cats that could become fabulous companions and housecats, they require more time and patient work to gain their trust and help them adjust to a new environment. Consequently, they are seldom adopted. That's okay. We love and care for them just the same, no matter what their degree of friendliness or sociability.


The sanctuary is of course cage free. The cats have a huge indoor area covering 3 big rooms, a giant covered catio, barn and fenced back yard. The sanctuary is filled with cat trees, drawers for sleeping, wall drawers, shelves, beds, a climbing tree and climbing wall. They have their own little community and seem to be quite happy with their friends and routine. We are at maximum capacity in the sanctuary and not accepting any un-adoptable cats at this time.

Surrendering A Cat

We accept adoptable teens, adults and seniors on a space available basis and based on how well they will do in our cage-free group environment. Catmandu is not the perfect place for every cat. Unfortunately, there are usually far more cats needing sanctuary or re-homing than there are available spaces. We are usually near or at capacity. We are adoption driven - If we are full, we can't accept a new cat until someone gets adopted. Please submit a surrender inquiry if you would like your cat to come to Catmandu.


We are not accepting unadoptable sanctuary cats at this time as the sanctuary is full.

For more information, visit our surrender page

Visiting Catmandu

TOURS - Because many of our sanctuary cats are timid and easily upset by a lot of strangers, we no longer allow the public free and open access to Catmandu. However, we are happy to give tours by appointment  Wednesday through Sunday. Please book your tour to visit Catmandu and the kitties. We would love to show you around.  Note that children under 6 are not allowed in the sanctuary and all children must be supervised.

Our Team.

The Catmandu team is composed of an extremely small group of dedicated staff members and volunteers led by Founder and Executive Director "Momcat" Linda Buchanan. 

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Momcat Linda
Founder/Exec Direct
Lori Merritt
Cat Maven
Nala Garcia
Chief of Cat Staff

Our Business Supporters

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