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Every day is special with the kitties of Catmandu.  Each month features a different kitty that lived at Catmandu during 2022. Some are sanctuary cats that will likely be here a lifetime, while others were only here for awhile and are now in their furever home. Includes both standard holidays and special cat holidays  such as Take Your Cat to Work Day, Cat World Domination Day, etc. Makes a great gift that is sure to bring a smile to any cat lover's face. All proceeds benefit the #kittiesofCatmandu! The calendars are $17 each. Shipping is $2.80 for 1 calendar, $4.20 for 2 calendards or free local pickup. Meow!

Catmandu is a special place for special cats. Visitors frequently call it a kitty paradise. 

Primarily a sanctuary, we are a cage-free facility.  The cats go where they want in the 3900 sf building, catios, barn and fenced back yard. We currently have 85 residents, with approximately 20 Kittens in foster care that will be ready for adoption in late June.

Some of our cats are friendly and highly adoptable.  The majority are sanctuary cats that are either older (8 and up), have health issues, are shy with people they do not know, or have special requirements for their furever home. While many of our sanctuary residents are wonderful cats that can become fabulous companions and housecats, they require more time and patient work to gain their trust and help them adjust to a new environment. Consequently, they are seldom adopted and will be at Catmandu for years or life. That's okay. We love and care for them just the same, no matter what their degree of friendliness or sociability.

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Catmandu is community supported. We receive no government funding; relying on donations and community support to keep the doors open. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; donations are tax-deductible. Every little bit helps!!

We accept a limited number of adult and senior cats on a space available basis. When someone is adopted, it opens up a slot for a new cat to come in. We have many wonderful cats needing forever homes and would love to introduce you to your new best friend. Every cat that you adopt makes room for another cat needing shelter and security.

We need your help to stay open! Please visit our donation page 

Senior 2 Senior Long-term Foster Program

   The  Senior 2 Senior program places senior cats (age 10+) with senior citizens in a long-term foster situation. The cat remains with the person for the     rest of their life. However, if something should happen to the person the cat returns to us. We also help with medical care through a combination of        nutrition, homeopathy and vet care when needed.    Everybody Wins!


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